Bob Gessey

Bob Gessey has been writing for 35 years. A retired police Inspector, He spent his working life writing down accounts of real life dramas in the form of written statements from witnesses and perpetrators of crimes for court purposes.

Bobs short story 'The ladies of the court of King Caractacus'  has appeared in two published books


Plays and screen plays

Bob has written two plays 'No Credit' and 'Bare Necessity'

The screen play of 'No Credit' was short listed for funding as part of Screen West midlands 'Digishorts' project

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Bob writes and performs musical comedy songs under the pseudonym 'Stoolpigeon' . In 2007 he won BBC Radio Gloucester Folkqwest award with his song 'Getting in touch with my feminine side'

Postcards on the Edge

Bob has written and produced a show 'Postcards on the edge' containing his songs loosely based on the humour of the saucy seaside postcards. The tour included a sell out performance at Birmingham's 'Old Joint Stock theatre'


Bob has produced two albums of musical comedy 'Postcards on the edge' and  'Rum Bum and Baccy'

Postcards on the edge  Rum bum and baccy



"Black beard and the health and safety at Work Act"

Bob's poem was published by Forward Poetry in their Poetry Rivals' collection 2011 - In Mind and Heart 

'The Birmingham Spaceman'

In March 2012, Bob's Poem was published by Forward poetry in their anthology Turning the Tides - A collection of Poetry